Phillips 66 Sign

1950’s Sign Turns Up At Sign Shop In Iowa

A sign collector in Iowa recently brought this Phillips 66 sign to a local sign shop, Nagle Signs, to have it refurbished. The sign is inscribed with our earlier name, “Federal Signs” along with the date – August 1950.

Nagle Signs was kind enough to notify us via email that they were refurbishing this sign for a collector, and sent us a photo of it after the work was complete. It was such a pleasant surprise to see this sign being cared for and restored some 70 years later.

Federal Heath is proud to call Phillips 66 our customer today, as we continue to provide them with quality signs and services.

Phillips 66 is one of the most iconic petroleum brands in the country. Brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips founded Phillips Petroleum Company, headquartered in Bartlesville, OK in 1917. During World War II, Phillips Petroleum and Conoco made high-octane aviation fuel possible, boosting the power of Allied airplanes. For more than a century, consumers across the globe have come to rely on Phillips 66 branded fuels and services.

Federal Heath, a leader in visual communications for companies nationwide, is proudly coming up on our 120 year anniversary in 2021. By the looks of this sign, it’s clear our products make a long-lasting impression.