4 Things You Should Know About the Growing On-Premise Sign Industry

Last month, Lori Anderson, President & CEO of the International Sign Association published an article, 4 Things You Should Know About the Growing On-Premise Sign Industry with spot on points about the effectiveness of on-premise signage for a business….using existing equipment and making it work harder for you!

A summary of the points and statistics that Lori shares are:

  1. The sign, graphics and visual communications industry is broad – and continuing to grow.
  2. Signs help businesses grow.
  3. The industry represents a powerful segment of the U.S. Economy.
  4. ISA a good resource for the sign, graphics, and visual communications industries.

Click Here to Read Full Article by Lori

Federal Heath is a member of the International Sign Association. We’re here to help you and others explore options in improving our on-premise branding to engage with your customers where it matters most. We can identify ways to help you fix up your existing signage, identify new opportunities for on-premise opportunities, and help you increase your businesses bottom line, putting money back into your business.

The International Sign Association represents manufacturers, suppliers, and users of on-premise signs and sign products from the United States and 60 countries around the world.

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