5 Reasons to Choose a National Service Provider

Most facility managers must make the decision to utilize local maintenance providers for multiple locations, or use a national provider able to service them all. Local providers may only offer a specific set of services; consolidating resources with a national provider alleviates managerial headaches that come with dealing with multiple vendors.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a national provider over a local provider:

1. One-Source

Reducing the number of vendors for service to just one or two national providers ensures brand consistency at all locations while significantly reducing administration costs.

2. Knowledge of Assets

For clients with multiple locations, knowing the condition of assets at each location is important. A national provider can document this information and develop a customized service plan based on the needs of each site.

3. Communication and Response Time

Most national providers operate call centers to dispatch work across the country. They also have the proper equipment and materials on hand to handle service requests on the first call; no need for a return trip. Additionally, call centers are staffed with customer service representatives who can immediately address questions and concerns.

4. Volume Discounts

A national provider can build customized service programs based on the number of locations. Through bundling of services, rates are often more competitive than that of local providers. A national vendor’s size and buying power results in discounts on materials, a savings that is passed on to the customer.

5. Tracking and Reporting.

National companies use technology to offer account specific reporting with real-time information such as: detailed inventories of each sign, component warranty information, and complete maintenance histories for each location. This information is essential when planning and budgeting for expenses, as well as managing the quality and consistency of your brand.

National providers typically have more resources, higher insurance coverage, reduced administrative costs, and detailed reporting and tracking. When combined, these advantages help your business save money and maximize efficiency. Selecting the right provider is simply a matter of evaluating the right level of service for your organization. As one of the most recognizable national providers in the country, Federal Heath stands ready to assist your business with complete maintenance services. Our in-depth experience in the industry has led to a comprehensive, systematic approach to sign and lighting services.