7½ Reasons to Self-Manage Your Next Signage Project

You have some buildings. You need some signs. So it seems reasonable to pick out what you want, schedule delivery, and handle the details yourself. Here are 7½ ways to measure the benefit to your company.

1. Your calendar is open.

Some people can still build plenty of margin into their daily responsibilities. They have room to add activities on top of their full time job. If that’s you, it means that you’re ready to take on the functional details that often keep sign companies’ project managers occupied all day, and do so without shortchanging your other tasks.

2. Every location is identical.

Some signage projects are pretty straightforward. Let’s say that you have cookiecutter locations with the exact same floor plan, dimensions, and arrangement of wall décor. Knowing that there’s absolutely no variance in which signs to order or how to place them helps pave the way for easier project management. If you’re positive that you won’t run into any exceptions – such as local ordinances, minor modifications based on different shaped lots, etc. – then all you need to think about is how many distinct worksites you’ll need to juggle.

3. You’re a production innovation guru.

This might not be your first rodeo when it comes to signage projects. Perhaps you know a good deal about how particular signs are designed and constructed. If you’ve continued to devote yourself to the most recent research and literature about new sign techniques, you’ll also be qualified to determine whether a fresh look at value engineering would accomplish your goals in ways that benefit both the user experience and your bottom line.

4. You love to travel.

Some jobs require travel, which is a home run for players who love the bustle of airports. Managing the details of your signage project is likely to put you or someone you trust at each location to survey the needs ahead of time, supervise the key processes, and inspect the work afterward. That will also allow you to snap some travel photos of each location’s progress and completion for the files. Just check on how many locations you have and how widespread they are, then start packing.

5. You know your way around City Hall.

Most of the places that need your signs will be located within some government’s jurisdiction. That means codes, research, and paperwork. If you enjoy a great conversation, City Hall often presents the opportunity to engage in deep discussions about how to adjust some locations’ signs to fit the rules and get the required permits.

6. You’re a record-keeping ninja.

Down the road, companies may want to look back through the details of a project. People from bookkeeping, facilities, continuous improvement teams, or other areas might all want to review documents or timelines for projects, drilling down to the individual addresses. Your exemplary, well-organized archive will leave a mark far after the project is off your desk.

7. Your installer network rocks.

Nothing helps assure the final success of a signage project like having an up-to-date, national database of on-call installers. Your ability to instantly enlist people who have done great work for you in the past are sure to minimize any frustration and keep your project on schedule.

7½. Halfway is plenty good.

By now you might be thinking, “That’s a lot of work.” You’re right. If you do it all, some of your other duties might slide because – let’s face it – signage project management can be a full time job in itself. So that brings up two questions:

    1. How much time do you have devote to it? Full time, three-quarters, half?
    2. Is there another way to get it done dependably?

Federal Heath provides focused project management for each signage project we receive. A full time staff delivers end-to-end coordination on your behalf, including any needs related to consultation, design, permitting, production, and installation for locations nationwide. We post detailed records in a portal you can reach, and keep communication channels open every step of the way on your schedule.

Whether you choose to self-manage your next signage project or let experienced pros at Federal Heath contribute, it’s nice to know you have options.


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