Solutions to Tackle the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools

Going back to school each year is a clean slate for kids, parents, teachers, and administrators. But this year is different: COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges for everyone involved in education. Federal Heath has been working diligently to create tools and products that may help your school district meet the new safety and health measures that are being put into place across our country.

Personal Desk Safety Shield

1100x733_desk_safety_shield- custom graphics

Help maintain social distancing in the classroom with personal desk safety shields.

» Includes a carrying handle
» Plexi Inserts .007” thick
» Frame 3/16” thick
» Height: 23”, Side Width: 18”, Front Width: 22”
» Weight: 1lb.

Create a more personalized touch with your school's mascot, crest, or other graphics.
(additional cost)

Graphics for Social Distancing & Traffic Flow

Floor Graphics

floor stickers

Wall & Window Graphics

graphics for social distancing-01

Office Partitions

cubicle shield

Cubicle Divider

Clear, 6mm thick plexiglass dividers held in place by 3mm
PVC clamps that attach to cubicle.

- Plexiglass dividers offered off-the-shelf in three sizes:
- 23.5"w x 23.5"h
- 47.5"w x 23.5"h
- 35.5"w x 23.5"h
- Custom plexiglass sizes also available maximum 95.5"w x 35.5"h
- Kits include clear plexiglass divider & PVC clamps to hold plexiglass in place
- Plexiglass features rounded radius on corners
- Clamps are adjustable and span widths from 1" - 2.5"

desk shield sits on top

Desktop Sneeze Guards

Clear, 1/8" (3mm) thick plexiglass dividers held in place by
15mm extrusion that sits on desk
- Frame is lightweight anodized aluminum extrusion
- Plexiglass dividers offered off-the-shelf in four sizes:

- 24"w x 24"h with 12" return/side panel
- 36"w x 24"h with 12" return/side panel
- 48"w x 24"h with 12" return/side panel
- 60"w x 32"h with 24" return/side panel

Standing Partitions

standing shield 2
standing shield

Help maintain social distancing in open areas with standing partitions.

These freestanding protective health partitions are appropriate for more open spaces or areas that you would like to cordon off from access.

- 3’W x 6H Aluminum Frames
- Clear Plexi Inserts
- Add custom printed messaging
- Custom Sizes are available


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