Refresh Your Business With Face Replacements for Signage

Business sign with a broken sign face

Outdoor signs must be durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather that Mother Nature throws at them. Your sign is quite literally the “face” of your business, so it should look its best at all times. But when weather, age, or other elements wreak havoc on it, what do you do? Outside of replacing…

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High Rise Sign Repair Service Options

High Rise Sign Rappelling Service

Hard to reach or “high-rise” signs can’t be repaired with a typical service vehicle. Standard boom trucks, cherry pickers, and bucket trucks have a limited height reach, generally maxing out at 185 feet. So what do you do when you have a high-rise sign that needs repair or an upgrade, such as an LED retrofit?…

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Need Signs? How to Pick the Right Sign Partner

Signs are an essential asset that businesses must have to be seen and create brand awareness. But when you need a sign, or multiple signs for your business, who do you go to? A local sign company in your area or a larger, national one? Even though both manufacture signs, there are many differences between…

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Common Design Mistakes in Digital Signage and How to Avoid Them

Common Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A crucial step in your digital signage initiative that cannot be overlooked or quickly bypassed is developing content for your screens. Our customers have found that this is equally as important as picking out the right digital signage solution. Of course, you can easily upload any picture or use free templates; however, many of our…

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I Can Buy Digital Signage Direct, Why Should I Choose Federal Heath?

Why Choose Federal Heath?

Oftentimes a customer will ask, why should I choose Federal Heath for digital signage when I can purchase directly with XX company. It’s such a great question we decided to devote some time to explain further. Why would I want to add another vendor to the mix? You’re right; why add another vendor to the…

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How to Keep Your Sign Clean in a Dirty World

Sign Cleaning

Your exterior sign works hard for you, advertising for your business day in and out. As a costly capital expense, signs should be inspected regularly to be sure they’re structurally sound and working properly. But there’s one aspect to sign maintenance that’s so simple yet often overlooked – keeping them clean.   Let’s face it…

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Restaurants Of The Future Begin To Take Shape

Lets face it, 2020 has turned our world upside down. People have had to learn and adapt to new ways of going about their daily lives, work, school, and business. Some changes may be temporary, but others have already planted the seed for permanent change. Such is the case for restaurants, many of which have…

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