For Today's Customer, Service Is More Important Than Ever

At Federal Heath, customer service is more than just words. It’s backed up with the integrity to do what is promised, and 115 years of continuously exceeding client expectations. This experience is backed by the breadth of industries served: petroleum, retail, automotive, restaurants, gaming, grocery, healthcare, hospitality and financial. The end result: a unique ability to successfully complete projects and not only meet but also exceed customer expectations.

The Basics

The value of customer service is not something companies can afford to ignore. According to Parature, 98% of U.S. consumers say customer service is important in their choice of or loyalty to a brand; it’s an integral part of retention. Almost 70 % of customers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer server experience. This is an area where mistakes can be very costly. Finally, almost 90% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

At Federal Heath, we believe that customer service excellence is driven by successful project management. Project managers immediately take charge of a project, obtaining proper permits,  making calls with municipalities and/or landlords, scheduling installers, planning street closures in advance, working to ensure deliveries and deadlines are met.  This might involve working with city officials to install a sign in the middle of Times Square, or shutting down traffic on the Las Vegas strip.

Whether the project is a national rollout or a custom sign for a local business, project managers pay attention to every detail to ensure the customer’s exact specifications are met. Each project or conversion can present a challenge, masterfully handled by our team, including examples such as:

  • Converted 8’ letter sets to LED, which involved utilizing the buildings’ certified window washing rig and davits to install the baffles inside the channel letters atop the two 158’ high building
  • When no architectural drawings existed for a 146 unit hotel chain conversion, project managers visited each site for survey and local code research to determine dimensions, accessibility and code compliance
  • When using scaffolding to install signage onto a 20+ story office tower became impractical, Federal Heath in conjunction with a local installer used professional rapellers to perform the hi-rise work


Empowerment is a guiding principle in providing quality customer service. Project managers use their experience and knowledge to take care of customers based on what’s happening on the ground. Additionally, they’re regularly cross-trained in various disciplines. This might entail learning the ins and outs of rewiring an LED, observing signs being made on the shop floor, or practicing hands-on installation methods.

Managing Multi-Site Projects

When a project’s scale encompasses hundreds of sites within a short timeframe, the complexity of coordination greatly intensifies. This is where everything comes together: experience, innovation, partnerships, collaboration. Federal Heath excels, and is globally recognized by high-profile customers for managing multi-site signage needs. Our project managers are unsurpassed in skillfully coordinating each step from zoning and permitting to manufacturing and installation. It’s a level of service that often surprises new customers, but it’s what long-time clients have come to expect.



Our many years of leadership and innovation in the visual communications industry is unparalleled. We’re never satisfied with the status quo, and are continuously looking for ways to improve our processes. This is why we are dedicated to Lean Manufacturing and World Class Manufacturing practices. They help us eliminate waste, boost efficiency, and generate cost savings that we pass onto our customers.

Contact us here to learn how you can experience the level of customer service that comes with 115 years of experience and expertise in visual communications.