Digital Displays in Education

Digital displays are yet another tool for the classroom toolbox as teachers and professors use them to interact with students.  Students are responding and becoming more engaged than they have been in the past.  Using tablets or smartphones as a companion display, students are able to interact in real-time with the class and instructor.  Here’s what Gary Bailer has to say about digital signage in education:

“There’s an old saying that students get what they take from their education. While that is partially true, both K-12 schools and colleges can take many steps to ensure more students are engaged with the curriculum and arm themselves for success in the workforce. Connecting with these students can be made much more effective through technological innovations, including interactive displays. In fact, research shows that investments in these and other technologies can improve the learning culture almost instantaneously.

It’s important to note that it’s not just the technology itself that makes the learning experience better; it’s the way it helps students engage with their instructors and other students. Empowering students with devices that communicate with other devices that teachers are using creates a collaborative, interactive learning environment, and that is what resonates most with today’s learners. Using these tools to enable them to connect with each other fosters the camaraderie that is often unquantifiable, but just as crucial to their development.”

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