Entering the New Year on a High Note

We are elated that our customers and our community see us the way we intend to be seen; a company providing quality products and services since 1901. As we close one chapter and enter the next, we reflect on 2017 and the partnerships that got us where we are today.

In May of this year, we were given the Legendary Partner Vendor Award from Texas Roadhouse for demonstrating an “above and beyond” commitment and service on a national level. Since 1996, Federal Heath has partnered with the national steakhouse restaurant chain. For more than 20 years, Federal Heath has worked alongside Texas Roadhouse opening new locations and helping maintain signage for existing locations; including installing and maintaining exterior signage for more than 500 locations nationwide.

In September Federal Heath’s digital signage services was awarded a contract with Beaumont Independent School District. The award is to convert their current exterior signs with color electronic messaging centers for 20 schools and two administrative offices. The electronic message centers will allow Beaumont to easily update messaging from a centralized location to one or more of the signs. Furthermore, the new LED technology will help to communicate messages to students, parents, and the community, quickly and effectively.

Target, one of the nation’s biggest retailers, chose Federal Heath to help innovate and sustain.  The retail giant upgraded their exterior signage to LED lighting but also introduced beacon Bluetooth technology into their signage program. Federal Heath was also awarded 700 locations to maintain their exterior signage. The signature red target logo will continue to shine bright and look its best though our sign and lighting maintenance services.

This past spring, Mexico deregulated the national petroleum market and opened the doors for petroleum competition. British Petroleum was the first to enter and built its prominent stores. As a signage provider for BP for its US locations, Federal Heath stepped into Mexico providing the same quality work.

Federal Heath design and production teams produced components for the rebrand, including canopy fascia and dispenser graphics. Our specialty contracting group spearheaded the installation and served as the coordination leader of additional BP contract suppliers.

To end this year on a high note, the San Diego Business Journal awarded Federal Heath with the 2017 Manufacturer’s award, an achievement celebrating excellence in the manufacturing industry.  The local magazine toured our California plant, and received a firsthand look at signage creation. The business journal saw some of the most well known brand logos come to life through signage. After touring our Oceanside plant, they wrote an article fittingly entitled, “Sign Co.’s Vision Is to Make Others Look Good.” A mantra Federal Heath lives by day in and day out.  As a matter of fact it’s our company mission; to help our customers connect and engage with their customers.

As we reflect on 2017 and enter into 2018, we envision another successful year of offering quality products and services; precision detailing and value engineering strategies to reduce costs. We will continue to provide complete turnkey services, including traditional signage manufacturing, sign and lighting maintenance, specialty contracting services, digital signage services, and printed graphics décor. Here’s to carrying our mission statement into 2018.