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The beginning of a new century in the United States was a harbinger of great things to come. Our founders were visionaries. Their idea, of using incandescent lamps for commercial advertising and sidewalk illumination, was an instant success. The first commercial signs consisted of a porcelain enamel steel center panel for the advertising message, surrounded by a tubular border, in which both sides had bulbs to provide illumination for the panel.

Federal Heath traces its background back to the founding fathers, whose insights and vision in 1901 would forever revolutionize the sign industry. We have grown, refocused and become one of the largest, most successful sign companies in the United States. With the unparalleled growth of business, the advancement of building and lighting technology and the unlimited imagination of designers, it is unlikely that our founders could have foreseen the spectacular products that continue to be produced in the twenty-first century!

Honoring our past, we look forward to the future, as we continue to generate new ideas, improve our products and services, and find better ways to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our longevity and expertise comes from the fusion of the best and brightest sign companies in the industry, coming together as Federal Heath*. And we keep growing and expanding our presence, continuing to welcome new partners in our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the best value and service.

Today, Federal Heath Sign Company is a global industry leader, providing custom signage and related services to national and international customers. We work with many of the highest profile companies in the retail, restaurant, hotel, finance, petroleum, automotive, corporate identification and gaming markets by providing innovative, comprehensive and consistent solutions to sign products, site conversions, image upgrades and maintenance requirements.

We offer a large range of services including:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Project Management
  • Installation Surveys
  • Permitting
  • General Contracting
  • Sign & Lighting Maintenance
  • Nationwide Site Conversions
  • Image Upgrade Services
  • Custom Graphics
  • Digital Signage

With over 20 offices coast to coast and five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Federal Heath is uniquely qualified to handle any project, any place, any time.

*The term “Federal Heath” as used includes the historical references of these companies.