Federal Heath Brands First BP Gas Station in Mexico

In early March, Federal Heath’s Specialty Contracting team completed a brand conversion at one of Mexico’s Pemex stations to the country’s very first British Petroleum (BP) station. As a result of Mexico’s recent energy deregulations, the opening of this new BP station is a historic occasion marking the first time in nearly 80 years that an international oil company has operated in Mexico selling its own branded fuel.

The BP site, located in the Satelite area of Mexico City, took nearly 9 months of planning, training and coordination. Design and production teams from both Racine and Delaware were instrumental in manufacturing new components for the Mexico market, as well as ensuring that the products were carefully packaged to withstand the trip to Mexico City.

While Federal Heath produced the majority of components for this re-brand (particularly canopy fascia and dispenser graphics), the Specialty Contracting team was assigned the role of spearheading the entire project and managing the other BP contract suppliers. Due to Federal Heath’s relationship with BP and the outstanding successes in safely delivering the 2016 Image Refresh Program, BP relied heavily on Federal Heath to help develop a safety culture around BP’s Golden Rules of Safety with our Mexican installation partner Genemex.

The station opened to the public on March 9 with great fanfare and BP is already planning its next two sites for May openings. There are approximately 11,400 Pemex stations in Mexico and BP plans to open 1,500 locations over the next five years.

This story was recently featured on WBUR’s nationally syndicated NPR program, Here and Now

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