Federal Heath is Restoring Manufacturing Operations

Federal Heath began to systematically bring manufacturing capacity back online beginning in early April.

“Our goal is to restore operating capacity as quickly as possible in a socially responsible manner,” said President and CEO Sid Rasnick. “We value the needs of our customers and, as always, we exist to satisfy those customer needs effectively, efficiently, and safely.”

The company’s social awareness has been evident from the early stages of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, as Federal Heath recognized its responsibility to protect both the public and its own employees by suspending sign manufacturing operations and moving other key functions to employees’ homes. “We recognized that our customers’ success relies on many factors, including the social environment in which they operate and the ongoing well-being of our employees to meet their signage needs,” Rasnick said. “We all knew it was the right thing to do.”

In the same way, Federal Heath’s current plans include bringing its workforce back into a group setting safely to support those “essential” customers. That includes building in appropriate social distancing and processes that are sustainable in a world where the virus’ long-term effects are uncertain.  “We will continue to add capacity as quickly as we can do so safely”, Rasnick said.

The company has been in constant contact with suppliers, who indicate that its supply chain will continue to be predictable and reliable for standard materials.