What is Federal Heath's Competitive Advantage?

With 36 years of sign industry knowledge and expertise, Federal Heath’s President & CEO Kevin Stotmeister knows what he’s talking about. Stotmeister first saw the benefits of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the 1980s and has been an advocate ever since, putting into action his vision of creating value for the customer. “With our culture of continuous improvement” Stotmeister says, “we are implementing even more ways to take care of our customers and consistently achieving high customer satisfaction ratings as a result.” (TQM was the predecessor to Jim Womack’s Lean Thinking in 1990s, a set of ideas based on Toyota’s business system.)

Stotmeister goes on to say that at Federal Heath expertise is a by-product of experience combined with talented and committed employees, striving for daily excellence and continuous performance improvement in every discipline, from project management to manufacturing to customer service. This allows the company to offer a level of full-scale expertise that’s second to none, and gives Federal Heath distinctive competitive advantages within the industry.

While these four advantages are tailored towards the visual communications industry, they can apply to every company and business that is looking to improve their customer engagement, retention and loyalty.

World Class Project Management– Every project includes a multitude of steps to ensure successful completion. Account Management Support is a team of world class, highly skilled and experienced project managers who consistently excel with seamless project coordination from start to finish, providing value-added service to the customer.

Leading the Way with Lean– Lean initiatives reduce cycle times, improve productivity, and reduce unnecessary inventories. These efforts support manufacturing goals of fabricating and delivering the highest quality products in the industry.

Financial Stability– A solid financial position is assurance to customers of company support for their programs for the long haul. It brings comfort and stability to the supply chain, ensuring timely delivery of raw materials and on-time completion of projects.

Responsive Service– In frequent customer surveys, the number one word used to describe the company is responsive. An exceptional level of responsiveness reinforces the superior quality of products and services. Companies should work closely with each customer throughout a project’s entire lifecycle, from concept to reality. This diligent and attentive approach ensures each project solution is not only developed to exacting specifications, it’s also delivered and installed on time.