How Parking Lot Lighting Affects Your Business 

Did you know a customer’s experience with an establishment begins and ends in the parking lot? It’s true – and that’s why good parking lot lighting is so important. Not only does it ensure the safety of people and vehicles, but it can also help reduce the risk of criminal activity. In this article, we’ll explore why parking lot lighting is crucial for businesses such as retailers, restaurants, c-stores, and more and how upgrading to LED lighting can make a significant difference. 


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, around 4-6% of all crimes occur in parking lots, making them a common target for potential crime. They are the third most common place where crimes occur. Parking facilities are among the most likely settings for violent crimes, with 7.3% occurring there. The threat of such crimes spells disaster for business.  

Having a well-lit parking lot can act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism. It can also improve visibility and access in the parking lot, reducing risks of trip and fall accidents and potential liability. By providing better visibility, people are better aware of their surroundings, and the lighting creates a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Research from the U.S. Department of Justice indicates that well-lit parking lots experience an average of 27% lower incidence of car break-ins and a 38% reduction in theft and other crime. 

Brightly lit and well-placed parking lot lighting is helpful for –  

  • A sense of safety and security 
  • Complimenting other security measures such as cameras 
  • Improving the quality of CCTV and surveillance equipment 
  • Deterring criminals 


Prioritizing customer and employee safety should always be top of mind. People may avoid parking lots where they feel unsafe, cannot identify potential security threats, or if they need better visibility to back out of their parking spot. You could lose potential business if your lot lighting is not up to par.  

  • Women comprise more than half of the U.S. population and control or influence 85% of consumer spending. 
  • A woman is 86% more likely than a man to bypass a dark parking area for a better-illuminated one. 

Additionally, well-lit parking lots can also help prevent accidents, especially when it comes to pedestrians. Drivers are better able to see pedestrians and other obstacles in well-lit areas, which can reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. 


Lighting choices are an essential component of parking lot safety best practices. So where do you begin? First, you will want to evaluate your current lighting. Is it providing adequate light at night? Do you have enough pole lights in your lot, and are they in the right areas?  

Many businesses choose to upgrade their lighting from HID to LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LED lighting is directional, unlike HID lighting, which only focuses on one spot, with limited visibility and uneven lighting. They can be aimed to direct a higher concentration of light to targeted areas. They are also “dark sky” friendly, meaning that the lighting is designed to have minimal impact on the night sky. This includes reducing glare and light pollution and protecting our night sky and the life that depends on it. 

The primary benefits of LED lighting include the following –  

  1. LEDs consume far less energy than traditional lighting 
  1. LEDs have a longer life span than other lighting – up to 50,000 hours 
  1. LEDs offer benefits such as dimming capabilities, improved visibility, consistency in color and light quality, and better control of the light spread 
  1. LEDs are versatile and come in different shapes and sizes, making them well-suited for a wide variety of applications 
  1. LEDs are an environmentally friendly option, with no mercury or hazardous materials in their construction 
  1. LEDs cost less to maintain, saving you money in the long run 


You’ll first want to contact a provider specializing in lot lighting and LED upgrades. Subsequently, you can find helpful tips here – 6 Steps to Help Guide you Through an LED Lighting Upgrade

In conclusion, good quality parking lot lighting is essential for businesses. It creates a safer, more welcoming atmosphere and customer experience and can reduce the risk of criminal activity. Upgrading to LED lighting offers many benefits, including improved visibility, energy efficiency, and cost savings. So don’t neglect your parking lot – invest in good lighting, and you’ll reap the benefits.