Why Choose Federal Heath?

I Can Buy Digital Signage Direct, Why Should I Choose Federal Heath?

Oftentimes a customer will ask, why should I choose Federal Heath for digital signage when I can purchase directly with XX company. It’s such a great question we decided to devote some time to explain further.

Why would I want to add another vendor to the mix? You’re right; why add another vendor to the mix. Federal Heath is already doing business with various companies across multiple industries for exterior and interior signage. We can fill the gap for your brand when it comes to digital signage, therefore reducing the number of vendors and getting all your visual communication products and services with a single source. 

With so many Content Management Software companies out there, how will you decide which one to go with? Federal Heath is unique in that we have relationships with several top-ranked CMS companies whom we partner with. Our consultative approach  allows us to get to know our client’s needs and objectives that help provide the best solution to fit within budget. 

How does your expertise differ from someone who only sells digital signage? Federal Heath has been helping to Bring Brands to Life for 120 years in all aspects of visual communications. We know our customers have done their homework in advance and are well-informed about the options out there. Our goal is to provide you with the right solution that works for your business and, in turn, helps you increase sales and customer engagement.

What is the Federal Heath difference? Federal Heath excels at brand consistent signage and décor for exterior and interior programs nationwide. You’ll find an extensive selection of the latest digital and traditional signage options, developed and refined over 120 years in business. The secret to our success is a combination of service, quality, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. We’re focused on improvement and innovation in every aspect of our business and leverage that efficiency to save our customers time and money. Our national footprint of program management, design, manufacturing, and service assets gives our customers and us an edge in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Can I have fast, cheap, and good quality digital signage? Yes, there is definitely a wide array of digital solutions with different price points. With each comes different features and benefits. Not to say that fast and cheap will not work, but nine out of ten times, we hear how it did not work. You do not want to sacrifice quality for price. Low-quality solutions may not yield a return on investment or may require upgrading much sooner than other solutions. Therefore, be sure to explore the solution you go with, talk to customers for reviews, or ask if you can pilot software to determine feasibility.

Why should I buy the hardware and software from Federal Heath? There are many places to purchase your hardware and software; however, Federal Heath’s difference is bridging the gap between the components, ensuring successful implementation, training, and post-sale support. We will not install and walk away, and we will walk you through every step of the process, including troubleshooting. We show you how to use your new system, help you connect with your customers, and drive sales with engaging content because, after all, you want increased sales, right?

At Federal Heath, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction in all that we do. We work hard to bring each client the right solution. In the end, we want to make your life easier, help you increase sales, increase brand awareness, and keep building your brand…..one vendor can bring all the pieces together for you. That’s Federal Heath!