Increase Sales with Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

Similar to technology, the restaurant and hospitality industry is ever evolving, is extremely competitive, and moves at a rapid pace. As a restaurant owner, it’s increasingly important to find ways to connect and engage with your customers and give them a reason to return to your establishment.

Digital menu boards are a great way to entice your customers by promoting deals, and highlight daily menu items and specials. They can also be used to reduce the perceived dwell time while waiting to be seated. Digital menus and screens can be placed in key areas of your restaurant to catch the hungry consumer’s attention. Here are some tips to use your digital menu boards for more than displaying food pictures.

Tips to Attract Attention with Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

  1. Upsell: Did you know that dynamic signs attract 5x the viewership to static signs and that 76% of all purchasing decisions are made in-store? How effective are you at influencing the purchasing decisions of your customer while they’re in your restaurant? Digital signage allows you to change content quickly to effectively deliver targeted messages at optimal times, giving you the ability to suggest food and drink pairings, appetizer suggestions, desserts, choices of sides, or highlight menu items that give you a higher profit margin.
  2. Use the Space Wisely: Nobody likes a cluttered menu board and one that may move faster than you can read. A fast-moving, cluttered menu board will have the opposite effect on your customers; it will most likely cause them to be overwhelmed or frustrated. Use your space wisely by showcasing specials, new menu items, best-selling items, and more. This “less is more” technique can be very influential by giving a clear call to action. Use vibrant colors, appropriate text size and take the opportunity to use this space to highlight your menu specials. A simple but well designed message can be more impactful and better understood by your customer.
  3. Additional Information: Your digital boards can be used for more than just showing your menu, they can also be used to keep your customers informed.  For example, they can include nutritional facts, special ingredients, and even community involvement.  You can also encourage your suppliers to provide content as way to pay for your screens by selling them space.
  4. Dynamic Digital Content: Your digital menu boards can be dynamic, eye-catching, and very impactful by adding in some animations. In addition to still images, most software allows you to incorporate videos. You can tell your brand story from the curb to the counter, reducing the wait time to be seated by engaging their attention. Including some animations onto your menu items can really bring them to life and make them more enticing (i.e. steam coming off your food). The options are endless, so let your creativity flow and engage your customers while they wait.

Use your digital menu boards wisely and you’ll quickly see a return on investment with the above tips. Not only will you provide your customer valuable information, you’ll give them an interactive experience and influence impulse purchases.

Federal Heath’s cloud-based software solutions allow you to update your content anytime, anywhere and send your message to the right screen at the right time. Similar content can also be used in conjunction with an outdoor electronic message center, attracting guest into your restaurant.