Is Digital Signage Worth the Investment? Part 2

In part one of Is Digital Signage Worth the Investment we covered some basics of digital signage, common uses, application, and benefits. However, we often hear from prospects and customers that digital signage will be more time and effort than it’s worth. Let’s dig a little deeper so you can decide if digital signage is worth your time and effort. 

Speed and Efficiency  

With digital signage, you can create messaging, promotions, and content on the fly compared to static signage that requires advance planning. That “Back to School” promotion can be created and implemented the day before it goes live in your store whereas static signage requires weeks or even months to plan, design, and print. 

Have you suddenly run out of inventory on a particular item? With digital signage, you can quickly adjust course to remove the content from your displays, while static signage will leave an empty void if you remove the sign, or worse, lead the customer to believe you have products that you don’t currently have.

Digital signage offers your brand the opportunity to highlight the content most relevant to your business and your customers at just the right time.

Reduce Perceived Waiting

As consumers ourselves, we all know there are times we have to wait in line, wait for the doctor to call us back, or wait for our food to be prepared. Help the customer reduce the perceived wait time with dynamic, engaging content that informs, entertains, and educates in the interest of customer satisfaction. 

Neverending Sales

Digital signage is also the answer to helping you maximize your employee’s time and efforts. How? With the right content, you can take your customer on a journey through your brand with a mix of content that attracts and influences purchasing decisions. For instance, you can have a screen selling cookies and milk, so instead of the customer buying just cookies you are influencing them to purchase milk too…and maybe they’ll pick up a few more unplanned items while walking your store. 

Did you have an unexpected price drop on items you inventory? Digital signage is the perfect way for you to sell all the time and earn some extra revenue by selling more of that particular item. That’s a win-win situation – drive sales and your bottom line!

Reduction in Costs

Digital signs are eco-friendly.  You can say goodbye to high-volume printing of static signs and saying hello to digital content that can be changed instantly. This means less overhead and more money in your pocket! This brings us to our next point:


You can have a mix of content to cater to your changing audience throughout the day. so you deliver the right message at the right time. Last but certainly not least is the ability to centralize and control your brand content, so you have a consistent message at all of your locations. Meaning one person can control the content across all of your sites from anywhere.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself the benefits of digital signage with a pilot run in a select few locations.