Federal Heath Installing Next Generation Technology for the World’s Biggest Video Screen

As the world’s largest video screen gets a next-generation transformation in Las Vegas, Fremont Street Experience is counting on Federal Heath for the complex installation and logistics. Work has commenced and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Imagine a screen that’s nearly five football fields long and 100 feet wide – an overhead canopy covering a four-block stretch of downtown for an immersive sight-and-sound experience. Now imagine replacing every visual component within a matter of months with a newly-developed product, while minimizing the impact on pedestrians, concert-goers, a canopy-long zip line, and other commerce 90 feet below.

Source: Watchfire

The carefully orchestrated operation by Federal Heath will be formidable, replacing the multiple elements on 1/8 of the canopy at a time in sequenced phases. Content on the canopy, including the signature Viva Vision light shows, are continuing to run seamlessly between the old and new sections during installation.

Breaking New Ground

The stunning effect of the technology upgrade will be the result of a new product developed and supplied specifically for the Fremont Street Experience by Watchfire Signs. Working closely with Watchfire, Federal Heath is using the product’s fabric-like modules to fashion a perfect fit within each existing or modified area of the barrel-vaulted framework. Critical connections for hardware and electronics have been painstakingly mapped out, along with efficient staging of materials.

The light canopy debuted as an incandescent installation in 1995. An upgrade to 12.5 million LEDs introduced more brilliant color combinations in 2004. The newest reboot will use 49 million LEDs and 16.3 million pixels to deliver a screen that’s seven times brighter and four times sharper, so it’s clear and vivid even during daylight hours. In addition, the new material will shed rain while still allowing light to reach street level.

“Our affiliation with the Fremont Street Experience renovation is a real testimony to the reputation that Federal Heath has established through our many years of serving the Las Vegas community,” said Sid Rasnick, President and COO of Federal Heath.

Rasnick further said, “We are exceptionally privileged to be selected for this project, which is extraordinary by even Las Vegas’ standards. We’re grateful for the confidence that’s been placed in us, and look forward to seeing the remarkable impact that this first-of-its-kind installation will have on more than 22 million visitors who come to Fremont Street Experience each year.

“Federal Heath has grown to be 118 years old by leading the way with cutting-edge projects, and we are honored that Fremont Street Experience chose us to make this kind of difference in the city.”

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