Bed Bath & Beyond 

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Branding From the Curb to the Counter

Bed Bath & Beyond first became a Federal Heath customer in the mid-1990s. Since that time they have significantly expanded their brands, stores and the look of their interior & exterior signage.

Projects have included new and remodeled stores in shopping centers, malls, and challenging historic buildings, as well as corporate ID for their headquarters.

-   Comprehensive interior & exterior branding: exterior signage, interior wayfinding, décor elements, large printed graphics, dimensional letters
-   Regular on-site visits have helped us spot opportunities, expedite planning, and monitor progress
-   We provide on-call maintenance services across the entire family of Bed bath & Beyond Brands, as well as LED Retrofits

Maintenance & LED Retrofitting

Maintenance is an integral part of Bed Bath & Beyond's program to represent the brand well. Federal Heath provides maintenance services for signs across the entire family of Bed Bath & Beyond brands, with rapid response from our call centers.The company also frequently calls on us to update signs with new faces and efficient LED lighting.