Preventative Maintenance Tips for Signs & Exterior Lighting

Time Clock – If your signs aren’t coming on at the proper time, or at all, the first thing you need to do is to make sure the time clock switch is actually set to the desired “on” time. There may have been a power interruption, or the clock itself may be broken. There is a bypass switch on the clock that can be used to energize the circuit, allowing you to determine whether the signs or lighting are coming on. You should also check the circuit breakers to see if one has been thrown or turned off.

Inspection – Inspect your signs for loose or broken faces. If you have neon, check to be sure it is attached properly to the supports and make sure the wiring looks correct. If left unattended, these items may create a potential danger. Examine exterior lighting regularly and not any open wiring, broken fixtures or loose foundations. These items should be addressed immediately.

Outages – If you have lamp outages, replacing lamps as soon as possible will actually reduce overall costs because the need for ballast and transformer replacement will be minimized.

Re-lamping – Consider re- lamping your signs and lighting if they are over four years old, even if all of the lamps are not out. This preventative measure will save you money on return service trips.

Daylight Savings Time – In the Spring and Fall, changing to and from daylight savings time requires adjusting the sign’s time clock. The correct settings ensure that your signs are turning on and off at the proper times. A simple task that is often overlooked.

After Dark – Inspect signs and lighting after dark to ensure all are lighting properly. Night inspections are essential in maintaining good curb appeal. The key is consistency. All locations should be performing inspections the same way. Creating a checklist is helpful.

Surface Maintenance – Check any painted poles, cabinets, and faces for paint that is cracked, chipped, faded, or peeling. Touch up paint and a good cleaning can make your signs look fresh and brand new again.

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