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Printed Graphics

Lasting Impact with Innovative, Durable Solutions

Turning design intent into a design event requires more than a printing press. Federal Heath’s innovative engineering and extensive fabrication capabilities make it possible to offer a complete solution for your graphics needs on displays, walls, ceilings, windows, floors, sales floors, and all manner of interior and exterior display graphics. We can help optimize designs using the best materials and methods for your particular situation, then offer a turnkey solution to include installation or fulfillment.

Value in Planning

Federal Heath knows what it takes to get the most out of a design. Customers often request our help in working out the best way to reach their goal, way before we start meeting their exact specifications in production.

That’s because any need – whether store décor, exterior signage, retail displays, or specialized applications – brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. Materials, printing techniques,  interchangeable elements, fabrication methods, and mounting hardware all play a role. We understand how to best utilize durable materials in flexible ways, create layering and dimensional effects, and engineer each piece to be as lightweight as possible for its use.

Nowhere is value engineering more important than the visual world of graphics. “How can we make this work?” is a question we answer every day for people like you. Our innovative engineering ideas make sure that the product we create applies the very best reproduction and finishes for your particular need, because we planned it that way together.

Value in Production Quality

Uniformity and cohesiveness is the mark of a great brand, but reproduction of your look and colors on different materials can be tricky. Federal Heath’s experience with a wide mix of media and inks means that we are not experimenting on your project. We know just where to begin to match your current need with your past successes.

We operate six state-of-the-art manufacturing plants nationwide. We produce outstanding graphics and signage programs for interior and exterior use for retail, petroleum, grocery, and other industries. Our processes and equipment satisfy a wide range of needs, including reproduction on durable materials that will stand up to unfriendly weather and high-traffic interiors.

We are a one-stop shop for producing long term solutions using the materials best suited to your application: metals, composites, engineered plastics, polycarbonates, ACM, co-extrusions, fabrics – whatever it takes. The possibilities are as varied as your design and placement. We are a top quality manufacturer of graphic solutions, at a reasonable cost.

Lazboy Vesitube Wall on Brick

Value in Project Management

Your design may apply to one custom location or to a national roll out or conversion. Our project managers are experienced problem solvers who can take the hassles off your desk. Turnkey graphic program services include consulting, surveying, permitting, code checking, manufacturing, shipping, installing, and any other pesky details that come up along the way.

Federal Heath can put your program to work across multiple locations nationwide for wall signs, murals, hanging signs, retail displays, store department treatments, cooler and case graphics, petroleum dispensers, menu boards, dimensional signs, or other graphics applications. Our single-contact, single-source operation makes it possible for you to be eyes-on without having to be hands-on.

valero pump decals printed graphics

Just ask our customers. We’ve been the industry’s passionate problem-solver for more than a century, with “best bang for the buck” thinking and A to Z turnkey services that take the hassles off your desk. We are a national sign company that delivers practical solutions every day, including interior and exterior printed graphics solutions.