Reviving a C-Store Staple

Mogul oil company, British Petroleum (BP), is having its own version of Flashback Friday and bringing back the famous Amoco Brand. Almost 20 years after merging with the company, BP decided to reintroduce the fueling station.

Why bring back Amoco? British Petroleum recently discovered that Amoco stores may have left the consumers’ sight but never left the consumers’ mind. Amoco was greatly missed. By bringing the signature blue and red flame back, not only would they satisfy consumer nostalgia, BP could fuel their success even more by having another successful petroleum brand under their belt.

Amoco’s roots began in Indiana in 1889 in one single location and grew to a leading kerosene provider in the Midwest by the 1900s. By the end of the century, the prominent petroleum company became the largest natural gas producer in America. In 1998, when BP and Amoco merged, BP became the largest producer of oil and natural gas. 2 years after merging, Amoco was retired and all the sites were reimaged into BP sites.

As a major supplier for BP’s brand identity signage needs, Federal Heath assisted BP in their endeavor to reintroduce Amoco into the petroleum world. Federal Heath assisted in the early stages by building prototypes of new the Amoco look and suggested branding solutions through different materials and applications. Federal Heath is proud to partner with BP and looks forward to being part of the reintroduction of the Amoco brand.

About Federal Heath: Federal Heath has been servicing the petroleum industry for more than 50 years for companies like BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Phillips 66 and Marathon. As a turnkey service provider, Federal Heath offers forecourt and backcourt branding solutions including manufactured forecourt signage, interior printed graphics, interior digital signage, contracting services, and program management for multi-location brand identity needs.