See Your Future Expo 2019

On November 19th, Dan Mouw, Jeff Castaneda, and Chris Uran attended the Academies of Racine SEE Your Future Expo in Racine, WI.  The SEE Your Future Expo is an exciting one-day event in which 1,300 freshmen from Racine area high schools, have a chance to experience career-related, hands-on demonstrations and engaging activities. This year we really wanted to engage the students with not only our displays and print samples but also something more hands-on. Chris set up his laptop with a Wacom drawing tablet and let the students experience Adobe Photoshop, which is one of the programs Chris uses in the art department.  It gave the students an opportunity to ask questions about careers at Federal Heath. This was the fourth year that we were invited to this event and we look forward to it every year. Federal Heath and Chris Uran were also featured on the front page of Racine County’s Daily Newspaper – The Journal Times where the event was highlighted.