The Tool for Effective Project Management

As a coworker and I started interviewing several different members of our sales team to identify more case studies, there seemed to be a recurring theme in each interview – Communication.

I wanted to know, “Why do you think customers were satisfied with us, with Federal Heath? What is our biggest strength?”

Time after time, case study after case study, communication was the one thing they mentioned each and every time. If we were to take Disney’s classic advertisement in a different way today, instead of saying location, location, location, we would say communication, communication, communication.

Customers were impressed with the way our project management team shared information, whether it was small, big, good, or unexpected. Sure, quality of the product was one reason and a smooth process was another, but communication was the one answer that consistently tied it all together, making the customer experience exponentially better.

Whether it was about wires being successfully installed that day, the general contractor being on schedule, or suggesting a different material if the site ran into a problem, there was always a conversation.

Communication is such a big deal to Federal Heath that our project management team gets surveyed on it.  Every quarter, customers are asked to evaluate their designated project manager. How did your project manager do?  Did they communicate with you every step of the way? How was your experience with him or her? The results are then viewed by the senior management team. As something that has been our strength for so long, we continue to evaluate to make sure that still rings true today.

Brian Keller, Manager of Ongoing Accounts, feels as strongly about communication as our customers.  “That’s why we survey people on how we do and especially on communication, because sometimes things don’t go perfectly. But if you’re communicating about it and setting expectations or adjusting them, just keeping somebody informed, it can make a big difference.”

On that note, here is to more communication, communication, communication.


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