Weather-Related Maintenance

No matter where your business is located, the weather is definitely a factor in how signs look, and ultimately, how much maintenance they require.  Extreme cold, heavy rain, strong winds and high temperatures can all take a toll on your exterior signage.  Here are 5 basic inspection and maintenance tips to keep your signs in tip-top shape from season to season…

1). Clean out debris.  Dirt, insects, leaves, etc. can get inside of your signs and clog thee weep holes, preventing the water from draining.  This can lead to accelerated deterioration and cause electrical hazards within the sign enclosure. 

2).  Look for mold.  Mold, caused from too much moisture, can make your signs look dingy, dirty, and flat out just bad.  If you have mold inside or outside of your sign, have your service provider take care of it before you start growing mushrooms.

3).  Proper drainage.  Standing water and puddles can cause excessive corrosion and damage to the support structure of your pylon and monument signs.  You should visually inspect the base of your signs for rust and corrosion periodically to help avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

4).  Surface maintenance.   Do you have cracked, faded, or peeling paint on your sign faces, cabinets or poles?  With just some touch up paint or a good, thorough cleaning, your investment can look like new again.

5).  Keep it up.  Like a car, your signs require routine maintenance for them to operate better and last longer.  A little prevention can go a long way, so for lasting results, set a schedule and stick to it.

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