World’s Most Bizarre Vending Machines

BOSTON, MA – Tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to vending machine candy bars and soft drinks? reports on the world’s 10 most bizarre vending machines.

  1. Live crabs: Subways in China offer live crabs for sale in vending machines. To repeat: they’re live, which should make for some interesting commutes home.
  2. Gold dispensing machine: Where else but Dubai could you buy gold bars and coins from a vending machine, with prices automatically updated every 10 minutes to keep check with markets.
  3. Bike dispenser: Bike-friendly Holland offers the Bikedispenser, a jumbo-sized machine that emits a bike after you’ve paid for your ride.
  4. Sushi: Vending machine sushi? What would Anthony Bourdain say? You can find it Japan, and we’re guessing it’s healthier than a bag of chips.
  5. Dog washer: France offers the Dog-O-Matic, an automatic dog washer, where you open the door, insert your dog (or someone else’s, we suppose), and pay by size. NOTE: Not PETA-approved.
  6. Canna MedBox: It’s medical marijuana dispensed quickly and accurately from this California vending machine, with a fingerprint and prescription scanner that verifies patient identities.
  7. Cupcakes: Beverly Hills offers bakerySprinkles, a 24/7 cupcake dispenser where consumers get their sugar rush for just four bucks.
  8. Fingernail painting: Japan comes in with another top-10 entry with a machine that offers quick and easy touch ups to chipped and unsightly nails.
  9. Automatic apparel: Boston addresses the under- and over-dressed crowd with its automatic apparel machine that offers everything from shoes to underwear to shirts.
  10. Let’s Pizza: Vending machine pizza in Italy? Seems sacrilegious, not to mention pizza bagel-ish, with a pie that’s ready in just 90 seconds.