Federal Heath
Bringing Your Brand to Life™

Great places generate great ideas. For electrified signs that place was Federal Electric Company – known today as Federal Heath Sign Company, LLC  ( “Federal Heath”). In 1901 a pair of Chicago Edison employees had the bright idea to develop more electrical business by adding lights to signs. Within a few years their little start-up generated something else as well, a dynamic industry that continues to change the face of visual branding.

Federal Heath is still the recognized leader in that industry, transforming premier brands and designs into quality signage of all types. We’ve grown from that first local shop to more than 20 offices and multiple state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, each committed to meeting your needs for signage, maintenance, specialty contracting, digital signage, and printed graphics.

One simple formula explains our sustained growth: Your success produces our success. By respecting our customers, suppliers and one another, we offer a superior level of service that’s founded on our allegiance to our word. At every level of our organization, “We do what we say we’re going to do.”

Along the way we’ve established processes and competencies that make your life simpler no matter how complex your needs. That commitment to providing turnkey solutions has often led us to expand our base of specialized equipment and expertise through acquisitions of other businesses.

No matter which aspects of Federal Heath you experience – the bidding process, consultation, design, site-specific services, specialty contracting, manufacturing, installation or maintenance – you will benefit from our national reach, decades of experience, and know-how. From multi-site conversions to launching new brands, we have your project in hand.

We lit up an industry with our first great idea – and we’ve made it our business to generate more great solutions for you every day.