Federal Heath is Open for Business!

Federal Heath is back to doing what we do best….providing brand consistent signage and décor for interior and exterior programs nationwide. Our goal is to restore operating capacity as quickly as possibly in a socially responsible manner. We value the needs of our customers and, as always, we exist to satisfy those customer needs effectively,…

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Federal Heath is Restoring Manufacturing Operations

Federal Heath began to systematically bring manufacturing capacity back online beginning in early April. “Our goal is to restore operating capacity as quickly as possible in a socially responsible manner,” said President and CEO Sid Rasnick. “We value the needs of our customers and, as always, we exist to satisfy those customer needs effectively, efficiently,…

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Press Release: Federal Heath Receives SGIA Safety Recognition Program Award

April 10, 2020 Euless, TX – The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) today announced that Federal Heath Sign Company has received the SGIA 2019 Safety Recognition Program Award for its efforts throughout the past year. The annual program runs from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31 and acknowledges those SGIA members which integrate health and safety…

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Federal Heath Converts Manufacturing to Support Medical Teams

The Federal Heath team manufacturing PPE

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Federal Heath has announced the conversion of manufacturing capacity in order to build protective equipment for the medical industry. “We understand the sacrifices and heroic efforts our doctors, nurses, medical staff and first responders are making in order to keep us safe,” said President and CEO Sid Rasnick. “We…

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Social Distancing Ideas for Grocery, C-Stores, Retail & More

The spread of coronavirus has introduced a new phrase into our language – “social distancing” – and a new concern for businesses everywhere. These practical tips may be helpful for companies operating in today’s precautionary environment of distance-awareness. Click Here to read more.

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[Infographic] Ways that Digital Signage Pays Off

It’s hard to overstate the impact that digital signage can have on a company’s customer satisfaction and sales. Market leaders have done real-world testing for years, with results that keep pushing them to expand those initiatives. This Infographic tells the tale. It’s a handy reference for you, plus a useful tool for helping others in…

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My Digital Signage Doesn’t Work

My Digital Signage doesn't work image

The digital signage industry has grown significantly over the past ten years and continues to evolve. There is a lot to learn, especially understanding the nuances of a successful digital signage implementation. With so many companies finding success, we’re surprised to still hear some people say, “Digital signage isn’t working for my business.” If that’s…

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Sign Maintenance Options – They’re Out There

There you are, driving down the road one night looking for a certain kind of store. You spot the sign and get ready to turn in. Then you giggle. How in the world do they not realize how silly their sign looks with that one letter unlit? Or haven’t they noticed that section is flickering?…

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5 Key Benefits of On-Premise Signs

How signs add value and drive business

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs! You may just take your sign for granted, but did you know that 35% of consumers enter an establishment because they saw the sign while driving by? Think of your signage as a way to not only mark your business but also to market it. While your on-premise sign should…

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