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Chestnut Market


Are you ready to build a great customer journey?  We can create visual solutions that maximizes consumer behavior, your functional requirements, and brand-consistent aesthetics.  Wherever you're at in your brand life cycle - we can help build your visual identity system from scratch, or utilize existing brand guidelines to build out your program.


Example Sketch - Click to Make Larger
Example Sketch - Click To Make Larger


Brand & Design Strategy

»  Marketing Strategy Assessment
»  Business Plan Review
»  Merchandising & Demographic Evaluation
»  Real Estate Review
»  Market Research & Assessment
»  Investor Portfolios

Design Development

»  Prototypical Design
»  Space Planning
»  Area Relationships & Adjacencies
»  Materials & Finishes Palette
»  Feature Elements
»  Fixturing & Furniture
»  Budget & Scheduling Confirmation

Visual Communication Design

»  Logo & Brand Identity
»  Environmental Graphics
»  Signage Design
»  Visual Merchandising

Conceptual Positioning

» Schematic Design Concept Development
» Environmental Theming
» Budget & Scheduling Estimation


»  Engineering Drawings
» Value Engineering
»  Specification Details
»  Rollout Programs
»  Site Adaption


»  Installation
»  Project Management
»  Design - Build
»  Post Project Analysis
»  Punch Lists
»  Maintenance

Our Design Process

Let us help you build a great customer journey throughout your business.  When you begin working with Federal Heath, you can expect us to walk you through four major phases in the design process:

Discovery. You talk, we listen, and we dig deeper until we know your vision, customer flow, and workspace needs inside out.
Design. We bring fresh, informed concepts for collaborative response and refinement, moving from sketches to 3D renderings.
Development.  Concepts move into producible schematics that nail down details for the concept.
Delivery.  Our project managers make it all happen: Planning, ordering, manufacturing, installation. Everything!

Our new store design is a commitment to our guests as we continue to enhance our customer’s experience,”
- Sharif Jamal, Director of Brand Development, CPD Group.

From Concept . . .

chestnut market concept

. . .To Completion

Chestnut Market

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Chestnut Market

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