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Digital Signage Made Simple with Next-Generation Solutions

Digital signage is fast becoming the new normal for many interior and exterior applications. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Now you can tap into Federal Heath’s vast experience to add attention-grabbing digital signage in order to boost your revenues or engage your community.

Digital Signage: What and Why

Digital signage turns display screens into powerful signs that sell with sizzle. It’s simple, with easy-to-learn software where even a person with no special skills can quickly create and change content before publishing to one or more screens.

Studies show that dynamic signs attract 400 percent more  viewers than static signs and they have ten times the read rate. That kind of notice pays off for ROI, with one out of five consumers reporting an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital ad.

Average consumer purchases grew nearly 30 percent after installing digital ads. That attraction also makes these signs ideal for notifying the public in times of emergency or sharing community information. It makes sense, because tech-savvy consumers are used to responding to screens.

Unlimited Uses

Utilize digital signage anyplace where you want to broadcast relevant information, produce interactive experiences, or stimulate purchasing. That includes menu boards, wayfinding, emergency messaging, metric displays, event listings, point of purchase, building directories, waiting rooms, information displays, room scheduling, and more.

  • Change content instantly to test new approaches.
  • Manage your brand’s consistency across multiple displays.
  • Describe an item, then bring it to life with a photo or video.
  • Share events, schedules, scores, and community content.
  • Do it all from centralized software that’s easier than ever to use.
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Indoors and Out

Interior monitors and exterior electronic message boards allow you to easily customize content for maximum impact. Outdoors, digital signage impresses drive-by traffic with bold colors and high-definition dynamic messages that bring attention to you and value to your community. They’re easy to maintain, with a comprehensive warranty that includes parts and on-site service. Indoors, digital signage brings your sales displays to life in ways that static signs cannot. And with cloud-based content management software, you’re in real-time control of each screen or groups of screens from wherever you have a device.

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Your Turnkey Solution

Every digital sign is a blank slate. Federal Heath uses a consultative approach to listen to your needs, then lays out your options from the most sophisticated systems to simple template-driven approaches. Our end-to-end solution includes project management, content creation, installation, training, and support.

You may want a system that lets you build highly-customized content from scratch using your own designs. Or you may prefer something that supplies drag-and-drop templates and plenty of pre-built content options. Or we can help you create and manage the content. Federal Heath has the know-how to help you sort out the options and put the right digital signage to work for you.

Just ask our customers. We’ve been the industry’s passionate problem-solver for more than a century, with “best bang for the buck” thinking and A to Z turnkey services that take the hassles off your desk. We are a national sign company that delivers practical possibilities every day, including digital signage technology.

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