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You may know Federal Heath first as a sign company, but step inside. You’ll find some pretty amazing skills in Interior Décor as well. We’ve helped highly successful companies turn their space into brand-aware, sales-centric environments with designs based on the perfect blend of creativity with function. Brands are like people. They express personalities, speak in identifiable tones, and dress in a fashion all their own. Our designs bring your unique brand to life and lead your customers on the journey you promise. Federal Heath offers a solution-driven design package that embraces your brand and smoothly integrates your sales goals to shape each customer’s experience.

A Total Solution

Design. Our designs reflect your brand’s unique personality. Does it dress up in bright colors or pastels? Bright lights or muted? Speak in lower case or ALL CAPS? We make the most of your style.

Fit. Different spaces present different opportunities, and no two communities are exactly the same. Our designs take care to make the most of your locations.

Function. An immersive brand experience usually exists for one purpose: to make sales. We support that purpose with every design element, working with bubble diagrams and customer flow maps to maximize potential for the customer journey you envision.

inland circular hanging sign interior printed graphic

Federal Heath Colite™

Federal Heath Colite™ is a composition of lightweight materials fabricated into various shapes, finishes and thicknesses. These panels can be used as ceiling treatments, free standing faux walls, partitions and oversized signage panels. Finishes include custom solid colors, printed graphics, wood, metal and standard laminate colors and patterns. Panels come with a self contained joining system and pre-installed hanging hardware.


Surfaces that Sizzle

Who knew that we could create so many different looks for cost-saving, lightweight surfaces? With our extensive knowledge of production processes and materials, we know how to incorporate different looks for walls, ceilings, aerials, displays and more. The realistic appearance of metal, wood, sculpted brick and fabric comes to life with our wall-mounted system. We use every surface as a canvas for your brand, and know how to create some very impressive and easily changed displays as well.




Ceiling treatments such as canopies, soffits, trellises and baffles can be easily installed. Any shape, size or configuration can be engineered. Thousands of colors, textures and patterns are available. Lights can be pre-installed or attached in the field.


Value in Production Quality

Uniformity and cohesiveness is the mark of a great brand, but reproduction of your look and colors on different materials can be tricky. Federal Heath’s experience with a wide mix of media and inks means that we are not experimenting on your project. We know just where to begin to match your current need with your past successes.

We are a one-stop shop for producing long term solutions using the materials best suited to your application: metals, composites, engineered plastics, polycarbonates, ACM, co-extrusions, fabrics – whatever it takes. The possibilities are as varied as your design and placement.

Super Graphics

We can cover drywall, metal, wood, plastic, brick, or glass with our high-resolution super graphics. The advancement of adhesive technology such as re-positionable vinyl can be easily installed without leaving adhesive residue behind, saving on costly drywall repair. Our ability to create custom patterns and designs on wallpaper also provides a unique opportunity for retailers to provide a uniform look throughout their stores.


Value in Project Management

Your interior design may apply to one custom location or to a national roll-out or conversion. Our project managers are experienced problem solvers who can take the hassles off your desk. Turnkey program services include consulting, surveying, permitting, code checking, manufacturing, shipping, installing, and any other pesky details that come up along the way.

Federal Heath can put your program to work across multiple locations nationwide. Our single-contact, single-source operation makes it possible for you to be eyes-on without having to be hands-on.

inland fountain drinks interior printed graphics

Just ask our customers. We’ve been the industry’s passionate problem-solver for more than a century, with “best bang for the buck” thinking and A to Z turnkey services that take the hassles off your desk. We are a national sign company that delivers practical solutions every day, including interior décor & graphics solutions.

Bringing Your Brand to Life™ since 1901.