Fremont Street Experience 

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Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience

The Largest Video Screen in the World

It takes a lot to impress visitors in Las Vegas. That’s why Fremont Street Experience is enclosed by the largest video screen in the world, a massive barrel-shaped canopy covering four long city blocks. It includes more than 1,000 6x24-foot LED panels, installed over a six-month period by Federal Heath.

The job itself was challenging, of course, working 90 feet above the ground in Nevada’s summer heat. But we also had other people’s safety to consider. With more than 24 million visitors a year showing up for daily commerce and special events in the pedestrian mall, we confined our schedule to late nights and early mornings.

The result is worth it! The newly-modified Viva Vision is four times sharper and seven times brighter than the previous version, with 4.9 million LED lamps powering 16.4 million brilliant pixels. Today’s visitors may not see our installers, trucks, lifts, crane and all the rest. But the unique scope and nature of this project has given it a special place in the history of Federal Heath – and certainly in the future travels of millions to Fremont Street Experience.


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