Paris Balloon 

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photo of paris-las vegas balloon

Paris Balloon in Las Vegas

Signature Sign for Hilton Hotels

One of the most spectacular sights to greet visitors to Hilton’s Paris-Las Vegas hotel and casino is a giant balloon sign from Federal Heath. Modeled after the first passenger-carrying hot air balloon launched by the Montgolfier brothers in 18th century Paris, the structure tops out 180 feet above the ground and lights up the night sky with more than a mile of neon.

The fixed balloon is 72 feet in diameter, mounted on an Omni-Hub space-frame floor. Outside, a “skin” of flexible material is decorated with hand-painted and vinyl graphics to give the appearance of early hot air balloons, rising above a gondola that features a dynamic digital sign.


Three teams of engineers were involved, including one that solved a one-of-a-kind challenge to provide six inches of flex in the balloon-to-gondola cables with 400 pounds of tension. The result has been an exciting signature statement enjoyed by millions of Las Vegas visitors through the years.