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A Rooms To Go location in Port Charlotte, Florida, underwent an exterior refresh, and new light-ing was on the top of their list. They needed to address the outages and deficiencies of their dim area lighting. The goal was to provide a safer environment for customers and employees while enhancing the overall aesthetic to complement the recent remodel.

Open after dark, their main concern was that the existing lighting was not sufficient. Federal Heath managed the project from beginning to end, providing complete turnkey services, providing site survey, design services, photometric layout, lighting options, payback analysis, procurement, and final installation.


» Comprehensive site survey and photometric drawing
» Nighttime inspection identified lighting deficient areas to be addressed
» Existing fixtures converted to LEDs, improving light levels around the building
» Reduction in energy consumption/costs
» Reduction in future maintenance costs

Services Included

before and after LED lighting

The LED Difference

LED lighting is made to last 20 - 25 times longer than traditional lighting. So while LEDs may cost more upfront, they last much longer and cost less to maintain.

  • The new LED fixtures will have zero maintenance costs for at least five years
  • The simple payback with the new LED fixtures is less than two years

Specific Focus Areas

  • Customer Parking Area
  • Main Entrance
  • Sides & Rear of Building
  • Loading Dock
  • Employee entrance / break area
  • Employee parking lot & trash corral
before and after rendering

Our Process

Starting with a consultation, we provided RTG with a complete, turnkey approach for their upgrade. An essential part of upgrading lighting to LEDs is to do a photometric site plan. This will show the location of the lighting and the specified foot candles for each area. IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) standards for retail businesses recommend that exterior lighting provides at least one foot-candle in all customer areas.

We discovered that their old lighting in front of the stores was reading well below the standard. After installing the new LEDs, the light readings increased by over 300 percent in the peripheral areas. Our lighting design for the front of the store allowed us to replace eight existing 400 watt MH fixtures with only six new 300 watt fixtures. The outcome was a significant savings in energy consumption and a vast improvement in lighting output all around the store.

photometric thing
rooms to go clipboard photo case study

Read the full case study today.

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