Simon Xpress 

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Simon Xpress

Award Winning C-Store Design

Island Lane Capital and Federal Heath worked together to create a new strategy for a ground-up c-store brand vision and retail store design called Simon Xpress. As part of the new design, the Federal Heath team was engaged to create and complete a brand vision from the ground up.

Federal Heath has been awarded Best Store Design Award by CStore Decisions in early 2023.  Press Release: Disrupting the C-Store Experience

The scope included: new brand creation, brand voice, logo development, design concept, fabrication, and installation. Federal Heath developed, fabricated and installed a total environment refresh:

  • Illuminated CoLite™ ceiling rings
  • Custom graphic wall coverings
  • Illuminated CoLite™ wood beams
  • Dimensional copy
  • Illuminated SEG graphics
  • Wallmaker™ white contemporary siding
  • Exterior signage
  • Forecourt canopy