71 Nationwide Project Managers

Unleashing the Power of Seamless Coordination: Unparalleled Multi-Site Project Management

Federal Heath’s unwavering commitment to multi-site project management ensures seamless coordination from inception to completion, surpassing expectations every time. We understand large-scale brand rollouts or nationwide conversions demand urgent attention and utmost attention to detail.

“I have been working with Kristal for many years on many projects. She has been a great communicator. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Every signage project’s core lies in a maze of intricacies waiting to be conquered. That is precisely where our dedicated project managers thrive, spearheading the successful execution of each endeavor. However, it’s in the grandest of undertakings, encompassing hundreds of sites within demanding timelines, that Federal Heath shines brightest.

“Laila is amazing at keeping us informed and with excellent follow-up and follow-through on our projects.”

Through years of invaluable experience, we’ve mastered the art of adapting to various obstacles that might arise, be it unruly weather conditions or stringent landlord requirements. Our comprehensive communication and meticulous documentation also provide unwavering assurance throughout the journey.

“Paul made sure everything got done with a difficult restaurant closing but made everything go smoothly.”


Embarking on this streamlined project management journey with Federal Heath will unlock many exceptional benefits. Expect reduced cycle times, ensuring your goals are achieved swiftly. Experience minimal disruption to your operation, allowing your business to thrive seamlessly while we work behind the scenes. Benefit from lower delivery costs and enjoy the convenience of managing fewer suppliers. Simultaneously, say goodbye to excessive procurement costs; our optimized processes make every penny count.

About Federal Heath

Federal Heath has an impressive team of 71 project managers across our three cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and many offices nationwide. This extensive network of program management, design, manufacturing, and service assets empowers us and provides our customers with an undeniable edge in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Choose Federal Heath for unrivaled multi-site project management excellence – witness the transformation of your ambitions into a resounding success.