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The most famous names in petroleum have trusted Federal Heath to brand their products’ retail stations for decades. That’s a long time to satisfy the demanding requirements of an industry whose reputation depends on enduring quality, safe practices, and the replication of challenging designs across thousands of locations. Our innovative solutions for evolving needs continues to make us the go-to supplier in the world of petroleum and c-stores.

  • Decades of experience with petroleum-specific signage
  • Safe place to entrust care of your dealers and your brand
  • Single-source fulfillment available for every component
  • Turnkey services for forecourt and c-store requirements

Our Turnkey Approach to Petroleum & C-Store Solutions

The simple truth is that petroleum signage is challenging. That’s why major brands often select a single-source provider for all of their branding elements – forecourts and backcourts, traditional and digital signage, canopies and c-stores, exteriors and interiors. The one-source approach to petroleum imaging from Federal Heath ensures your brand’s consistency, high quality production, dependable installation, and a seamless program experience for dealers nationwide.

Tap into Federal Heath’s specialized knowledge for every branding element to simplify your next expansion or conversion with a perfectly-blended, safety-minded turnkey solution.

Service & Satisfaction

When you place your program with Federal Heath, we know that you are placing the care of your dealers in our hands. We treat them well, knowing that our performance reflects on you and impacts your agreement renewals.

Through a comprehensive, turnkey approach we work hard to offer superior service with personal attention by our account managers. We accept responsibility for educating your dealers about the best ways to take advantage of your branding program. Plus we uphold the brand specifications on your behalf. That often means walking dealers through every step of selecting and ordering materials they will need. With conversions and reimaging programs sometimes extending across multiple locations, we are aware of how critical our performance can be to your success.

That same awareness marks the attention we bring to planning and producing your brand’s signage program. When big things need to happen quickly in your branding world, Federal Heath has the mind and muscle to engineer, produce, and ship your vision on a tight timeline.

valero pump decals printed graphics

Stability & Safety

Thanks to a longstanding history of partnering with petroleum companies, Federal Heath knows the industry’s rigorous signage requirements inside out. Those years of specialized experience make it possible for us to quickly recommend the best options while eliminating the poor ones. We understand the world of durable materials, anticipating new possibilities on behalf of our customers. And with multiple high-capacity plants across the country, we are always a dependable source of supply.

Like you, we take safety seriously. Safety at our plants is monitored and measured every day. Manufacturing and installation are governed by processes that are under constant scrutiny using our Lean methodology for continuous process improvements.

men working on canopy specialty contracting


The petroleum signage journey often begins with turning challenging designs into well engineered products. Federal Heath takes a close look at each element’s design intent, considers a broad range of materials and processes, and innovates the best value-engineered solution. Whether the need is for canopies, columns, pumps, or other signage, great solutions emerge when we build on our vast experience to make new things possible for you.

Innovation extends beyond products to the ways we make your supply chain more efficient. Imagine a world where your dealers could place one order for all necessary materials and receive them all in one shipment. That’s exactly what our centralized order and warehousing system is accomplishing for some of the biggest petroleum brands in the business. We offer one-stop, turnkey inventory and fulfillment for every element in your branding program.

Federal Heath provides every single component your brand needs to image or reimage buildings, canopies, and forecourt, as well signs for walls, buildings, monuments, and pylons. Each component is built to your specific brand standards, including parts and items to assist with upkeep and maintenance.

  • Apertures
  • Canopies
  • Channel Letters
  • Column Cladding
  • Digital Signage
  • Dispenser Graphics
  • Electrical Wiring
  • EMCs (Electronic Message Centers)
  • Flag Signs
  • High Definition Graphics
  • High Rise Pylon signs
  • Interior Graphics
  • Lane ID Markers
  • Plumbing
  • Price Signs
  • Printed Graphics
  • Valences


Federal Heath’s contribution to your success doesn’t end at the forecourt. We help produce profits in your customers’ c-store area, as well, with total packages suited to every need. With Federal Heath, you can offer branded solutions that cover buildings both inside and out, including large format printed graphics and digital signage options that make you a seamless partner front to back.

bp to go entrance cabinet wall sign

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