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Learning From Our Customers

  • Listening to you from beginning to the end of your project
  • Valuing you as a customer with intentional follow-up
  • Incorporating your feedback into our future processes

Trust is easy to talk about on the front end, but the real test comes after the work is done. That’s why our follow-up program just might be the most important listening we do. We want to make sure we earned your trust from start to finish.

We actively solicit your honest feedback. We want to hear what you have to say about our communication, our knowledge about your account, our customer service, and how well we addressed every concern you had throughout your experience with us. Any details you want to tell us are welcome!

To make sure we get a true picture, we incorporate three different methods of gathering feedback every month: through a website form, through postal mail surveys, and through personal phone calls. In some cases customers are chosen at random; in other cases they are identified by our project managers. Feedback you initiate is best of all.

In every situation, detailed responses are compiled and reported directly to senior management. In those rare instances when we see a score that’s below our high standards, a member of management reaches out directly to learn more so that we can make things right with you and correct any internal issues that might recur.

We place a high value on self-improvement. But we can’t improve ourselves without your help. So we listen. We act. Then we listen again. That’s how trust really happens.