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  • Turnkey permitting – paperwork, submittals, variances, and all the rest
  • Understanding the processes so you can anticipate timelines / challenges
  • Tapping ongoing relationships with planning and zoning municipalities

Permitting is about rules, but it’s also about relationships. With so many installations in so many locations, Federal Heath has developed ongoing relationships with plenty of important planning and zoning municipalities. We stand ready to manage those relationships on your behalf, providing you with detailed sign codes and ordinances as well as streamlining the complicated process of obtaining any permits that your signs require.

Who wants the stress associated with navigating the permit process nationwide? Our team manages it all – filing paperwork, handling submittals, dealing with variances, meeting with local jurisdictions, and cutting through red tape to prevent common delays in getting projects approved.

Permitting can be tough, but years of experience and relationships make us a powerful partner on your behalf. Sometimes that’s just the partner you need.