Class-Act Convenience: Red Barn Market  

Norman Yatooma, the visionary behind Yatooma Oil, recently partnered with Federal Heath to revolutionize the visual identity of his new venture, the Red Barn Market convenience store chain in Michigan. Engaging Federal Heath for branding, design, interior signage, and décor, Yatooma sought a distinctive design that would set Red Barn Market apart.  


Federal Heath’s FH Studio design team initiated an extensive discovery process to understand the unique essence of Red Barn Market. The outcome was a state-of-the-art conceptual design that seamlessly integrated brand development, identification, and a modern shopping environment. The focus extended beyond signage to include graphics, fixtures, and unique ceiling elements.  


With the convenience store market already oversaturated, the primary goal was to differentiate Red Barn Market, making it unlike any other c-store chain in Michigan. The result is a unique, upscale shopping experience that transcends the typical convenience store setting. Inside, their customers can find fresh food selections, including Saroki’s Chicken and Pizza, a gourmet coffee station, and well-stocked spirits, wine, and beer departments.   


Federal Heath’s design prowess is evident in the unique elements that were designed, manufactured, and installed by our team. These include –     

  • POS/Spirits canopy with pendant lighting with our signature  CoLite™ product
  • 4pc CoLite™ coffee cage with illuminated coffee puck  
  • Illuminated CoLite™ rectangle highlight canopies   
  • Vertically curved Refresh Zone CoLite™ canopy   
  • Horizontal Red Barn Market entry CoLite™ canopy   
  • Wallmaker™ dimensional wallcovering panels   
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated dimensional copy 
  • Full-color digitally printed wallpaper, endcap, and fixture signage  
  • Vinyl window graphics  

In addition, Federal Heath provided the Marathon Petroleum canopy and forecourt elements for a complete branding solution inside and out.   


 Federal Heath took practicality into account during the design and manufacturing process, with all the elements designed with ease of installation in mind. The ceiling elements were pre-built sections, simplifying installation by locking them together in the field and hanging them from existing ceiling trusses. Wall coverings were pre-cut, laid out, and labeled during the fabrication process, so the application was a simple matter of following the labeled panel sequence. The Dimensional copy was supplied with stencils that made installation quick and easy.  


The culmination of this collaboration is a clean, modern, and vibrant shopping space that stands out in the contemporary market. Red Barn Market has successfully redefined the convenience store experience, offering customers a visually engaging and upscale atmosphere that goes beyond the typical expectations of a c-store chain.  

 Norman Yatooma’s partnership with Federal Heath has proven to be a strategic move in creating a unique and visually appealing space for Red Barn Market. Federal Heath’s innovative design solutions have not only differentiated Red Barn Market in a saturated market but have also set a new standard for convenience store aesthetics and customer experience.  


A full video of this location can be found by clicking here.