Digital Now Indispensable Part of the Sign Industry

We are more digitally connected and interconnected than ever before; every week seems to bring us new apps and updated technology. This is the major reason why digital signs are an increasingly indispensable part of the signage industry. The Internet of Things theory provides some insight as to why this is the case.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea of connecting any device equipped with an on/off switch to the Internet. We see this taking place with the advent of smart technologies like wearables, 3D printers, and smart home appliances. Digital signage combined with the IoT is already changing the face of industries such as healthcare, retail, petroleum, gaming and restaurants as well as public spheres such as airports and educational facilities.


The healthcare IoT market segment is expected to hit $117 billion by 2020. Patient care can be dramatically personalized by having patient records communicate with digital signs in hospital lobbies, so that when a patient comes in for an appointment they can enter their information on a digital welcome screen. The efficiency of operating and treatment rooms can be greatly increased. Sensors can be used to monitor whether a room is occupied, and that information can then be sent to staff mobile devices.


Digital signs are not new in the education arena. From wayfinding maps to class schedules, digital signs help students and faculty manage their time and schedules more efficiently. Using digital displays rather than old-fashioned chalkboards has many obvious advantages, not the least of which is their ability to be connected to the internet through WiFi.

Digital signs and the IoT are already becoming intertwined in a number of exciting ways. One thing is for certain: the opportunities are virtually endless. How can Federal Heath help your business connect and engage with your customers? Visit our website for additional information, or contact us at 877.620.SIGN. #FHVC