Digital Signage Best Practices Article

Digital Signage Best Practices

Federal Heath has been in business for 120-years. With our  decades of experience comes many lessons learned along the way, and a lot of innovation in between. Digital signage was not even on the radar in 1901 when we first started out, but today it’s everywhere and a key driver for many businesses to increase sales. 

If your brand is looking to roll out digital signage there are some best practice recommendations that we have for you so that your system is lasting for more than a year or two. After all, you don’t want to invest money and resources into a system that doesn’t work for your brand or doesn’t last long enough to see a return on your investment.

  1. Know your objectives. 
    1. What are you looking to accomplish with digital signage? 
    2. What type of content will you run?
    3. Will you have a variety of video and static content?
    4. How often will your content be updated?
  2. Know your audience.
    1. Will these be customer-facing?
    2. Will these be employee-facing?
    3. Will it be a combination of both? 
  3. Know your content manager.
    1. Will you handle the content internally?
    2. Will you need someone to help you manage your content?
    3. Will you have a hybrid of internal and external content management?
  4. Know your bandwidth.
    1. How much bandwidth can your internet handle?
    2. Do you have an IT department that needs to be included in the project?
    3. If you have multiple locations, will each location’s internet be able to handle them?
  5. Know your brand.
    1. How many locations do you have?
    2. Will content differ at each location?
    3. How many screens will you have at each location and where will they be placed? 
  6. Know your customer engagement.
    1. Are you needing your digital signage to integrate with mobile?
    2. Are you needing interactive capabilities from a touch screen or other kiosk capabilities?
    3. Do you need audio to be included in your digital signage?
  7. Know your vendors.
    1. Will you ask your vendors to provide content?
    2. Will you run vendor-specific content?
  8. Know your store experience.
    1. Where in your store do you have the most dwell time?
    2. Do you know if your customer demographic is the same or different throughout the day?
    3. What does your customer’s experience look like?
  9. Know your long-term plan.
    1. How will your customer experience evolve, especially with digital signage?
    2. How will the digital signage platform and hardware work for your brand now versus a year from now?
  10. Know your post-installation plan.
    1. How will you measure the success of your digital signage initiative?
    2. How will you decide what content is working best?
    3. How will you handle technical support for your digital signage?

At the end of the day, you want your digital signage to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. To get the most out of this valuable investment, you need to plan your strategy from the onset. Knowing the answer or reviewing these best practices is key to your success. There are a wide variety of hardware and software platforms available, they’re not created equal; so understanding your objectives and making sure you’re choosing the right partner will differentiate your customer experience and digital signage success from the competition.

Whether you choose Federal Heath as your digital signage partner or you choose someone else, education is key. We hope you’ll find these tips helpful in building your roadmap to digital signage success that will last for years to come.