Digital Signage Set it and Forget it

Digital Signage: Set It and Forget It

Digital Signage offers many benefits and one of the biggest, in our opinion, is automation. Automation is a simple yet highly effective way to make your digital signage work for you without you doing it yourself. Here’s how to make your digital signage work smarter for your business. 

Target the Content to Your Audience

Without investing a lot of time and money into curating data, you most likely know your audience. Who they are, when they visit, and what is important to them at that time.  Knowing this, you can easily schedule the relevant content for that target audience. For example, breakfast or lunch menu, snack time, or content for the night owl.

A quick piece of content that doesn’t ask much of your audience can be both impactful and increase sales immediately.

Educate Your Audience

Not everything has to be about selling to your audience. How is your company involved in the local community? Sprinkle in some quick educational content to share, job openings, and other ways to connect on a personal level.

Another way to educate your audience is by triggering data with API integrations that work for you. There are endless possibilities of what you can integrate from weather, sports score, real-time emergency alerts, safety, transportation, social media, or to your point-of-sale system for suggestive selling based on your inventory. This is a way to create dynamic content without requiring extra or tedious work by an employee. 

The result of applying automation into your digital signage content strategy is scalability. The integrations require less employee intervention, which in turn keeps your content fresh, relevant to your audience, real-time, and in the end, will give you a lower cost of ownership. Who doesn’t want that? In addition, maintaining more screens will be a breeze! After all, you’ve taken the leap to invest in digital signage, give your customer an experience that keeps them coming back, and a register busy with sales. 

Set your digital signage and forget it!