Digital signage telling Toronto where to go

July 30, 2015 | by Christopher Hall      Digital Signage Today

The City of Toronto is piloting a digital signage project aimed at better informing residents and visitors about the city’s mass transit options and helping to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

Toronto has partnered with San Francisco-based transit digital signage provider TransitScreen to pilot multiple digital signage displays in city buildings, including one screen in the lobby of City Hall and another installed at Metro Hall.

“As a resident of Toronto, I’m excited to begin this partnership with the city,” said Andres Trivino, TransitScreen’s Canada and Latin America manager, on the company website. “The City of Toronto is planning to convert the city into a low-carbon emission city through the Transformation Toronto 2050 initiative, and bringing TransitScreen will help promote and inform the citizens of all the multimodal transportation options Toronto offers. This partnership will help to reduce the city’s dependence on single-occupancy vehicles.”

According to the TransitScreen website, the transportation display kiosks will include live real-time transportation information and directions to all local transportation options, including TTC subway, TTC bus, TTC streetcar,  TTC Alerts, Go Transit bus, Go Transit train, car2go, Zipcar and Bike Share Toronto, in an effort to make it easier for people to choose sustainable transportation in Toronto.

“The partnership with the City of Toronto is a major win for TransitScreen north of the border,” TransitScreen COO Ryan Croft said on the company website. “As more and more cities commit to sustainable urban mobility, we will continue to partner with leaders who want to help residents and visitors make more informed transportation choices.”

In addition to the TransitScreen transportation information display kiosk — which Toronto’s deputy mayor called the first of its kind in a Canadian city hall — the city also installed a wayfinding digital kiosk at City Hall intended to make the building “more open and accessible,” Toronto Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong told a local television station.

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