Electronic Message Centers

Electronic message centers (EMCs) utilize animation, color typography, and graphic elements to create a visual impact to grab viewers’ attention.

Businesses want EMCs for several reasons: they are innovative and modern, are proven to increase sales and awareness, and offer the ability to provide multiple messages quickly. These electronic and video message boards come in just about any size you can think of and can be programmed remotely to display a wide array of text and images. 

While the initial cost of an EMC display is generally higher than that of a static sign due to the electronic components, EMCs are an excellent investment for any business that wishes to change its messaging regularly. An EMC display sign can advertise specials, events, and promotions 24/7. The LED lighting is easily visible during both daytime and nighttime hours.

If you’re looking for dynamic signage that is great at capturing attention, an EMC might be for you.