Embracing Change in Convenience Store Retailing

The market for convenience store retailers has seen a new era of change accelerated by the pandemic and the shifting trend toward battery electric vehicles. C-Store retailers must swiftly adapt to secure their positions in the marketplace with elevated retail stores, a better merchandise product mix & services that will make consumers want to stop in and shop.

Rising expectations demand personalized experiences, top goods, convenience, and fresh branding for lasting loyalty.

Red Barn Market: Pioneering the Paradigm Shift

Recognizing the winds of change, Red Barn Market swiftly grasped this new shift in the C-store market segment. Their strategic move involved enlisting the expertise of Federal Heath/FH Studio Design Group to institute a total brand refresh, including brand creation, logo development, and concept design. Michael Benincasa, Vice President of Retail Design & Strategy, underscores the intent behind this initiative, stating, “We wanted to create a unique one-of-a-kind approach to this store, something that has not been done before. We are introducing a clearly “defined” brand statement and bold customer journey that is elevated beyond your typical c-store experience.”

A Design Synthesis for Diverse Demographics

The customer demographic for this retailer varies, so the look and feel of the space had to appeal to a wide variety of customers. The store has been contemporized in every aspect of the brand, from a refined take on the logo & brand voice to the total concept design. Customers will be completely immersed in the experience as they enter into a contemporary spin on the “Modern Barn Architecture” style with soaring ceilings, corrugated metal siding & exposed ply-wood strand board. Further elevating the experience are layers of wood, curved tambour, illuminated ceiling geometry & unexpected signage in the ceiling rafters.

Cultivating Engaging Experiences

The spatial configuration of the C-store has been meticulously orchestrated to facilitate immersive experiences. The space has a coffee department rather than a coffee bar to create a “coffee shop” feeling & further elevate the experience. Numerous food offerings add to the appeal, giving customers options between pizza, chicken, or proprietary grab-n-go entries. Wine, beer & liquor are individual-focused departments, with custom-illuminated displays as major focal features. Additionally, a designated special-order pickup zone allows customers ultimate convenience by ordering online & picking up in-store.

Federal Heath: Design, Fabrication, and Branding

Federal Heath fabricated and installed all the décor elements, including their proprietary products, WallMaker wall panel systems, and CoLite, a lightweight illuminated ceiling aerial treatment. Beyond these innovations, wallcoverings, graphics, signage, and select millwork were also part of the scope of work provided by Federal Heath.

FH Studio Design Group has emerged as the quintessential one-stop destination for retailers wanting to craft an immersive and stand-out retail identity. In a landscape characterized by rapid shifts and evolving consumer aspirations, Red Barn Market’s paradigm shift and collaboration with Federal Heath are a testament to the potency of strategic design and innovation.