Federal Heath Brings Digital Signage Everywhere

Federal Heath is here to help make digital signage simple for you. Digital signage is everywhere around us with endless benefits.

According to a recent Spiceworks survey, IT professionals agree digital signage can be a great resource for organizations – but the technology is still widely under-utilized. 41% of the surveyed IT professionals who use digital believe it’s under-utilized at their organization.

How could your business benefit from integrating the right digital signage?

Although many businesses are not yet using any type of digital signage they still understand the benefits.

Benefits and Trends to Digital Signage include:

Every 3.5 seconds a digital display is deployed.

  • 73% are using indoor LCD signs
  • 24% are using outdoor LCD signs

The fact is: digital signs can do so much more to help promote businesses.

Of all those surveyed using digital signage, the top 3 use cases are:

We can handle all of your visual communication needs, from digital displays (indoor or outdoor), printed graphics, and more! Let us help bring your brand to life and send the message to engage with your customers.

Give us a call at 760.901.7447 or email us at digitalsignage@federalheath.com to start a conversation with us so you can begin seeing the results of digital signage.

While some use the term “innovative” to describe our thinking, we simply call it understanding the needs of our clients and delivering solutions that meet those needs.

 – Kevin Stotmeister, President & CEO, Federal Heath

About Us:

Federal Heath is a world-class visual communications company with roots dating back to 1901. Headquartered in Oceanside, California, Federal Heath provides signage and digital messaging nationwide.

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