Meet Mike Harris, Euless Designer

Federal Heath would like to introduce Euless Designer, Mike Harris.

Mike has been with Federal Heath for 43 years, having started at Federal Sign Co. in the summer of 1973.

Before working at Federal Heath, Mike was enrolled at the University of Texas in Arlington, pursuing a degree in education. He intended on becoming a high school art teacher, but during his senior year Mike began working a summer job at Federal Sign Co. His summer job soon blossomed into a career that has spanned 43 years.

Art is the driving force behind Mike’s many years of service. Designing signs has provided him with a rewarding outlet for creativity while providing interaction with a diverse group of clients with ever changing wants and needs. When asked why art was so important to him, he responded, “Art is all around us in many forms. It doesn’t matter if its formal works by old masters or point of purchase advertising, art stirs emotions in a variety of ways, subconscious or in your face. It evokes and demands a response from the viewer.”

What are two pieces of advice he always tries to adhere by? The first is a quote from his dad, “Make sure you can always look the man in the mirror, in the eyes.” He also cited the song Always Trust Your Cape by Guy Clark. The song focuses on taking chances in life and realizing that the only way you can fly is if you trust yourself enough to make the leap of faith.

During his down time Mike enjoys creating art in one form or another. His main focus is watercolors and he has a number of unfinished paintings that he works on from time to time. He also enjoys playing guitar and has been strumming the strings since 1968. He currently owns 15 guitars, though he will say that they own him, and he tries to play as much as he can. Mike likes to stay active by playing baseball on a city league and tying flies for fishing.

When asked why he has stayed with Federal Heath for so many years, Mike replied, “I have been privileged to work for a company that has maintained its vision and strong presence in the market place and allowing me the last 43 years to make a living while raising a family, and all the while having fun doing it.”