The Top 3 Technology Advances For Businesses Using Digital Signage in 2017

Businesses and their support services need to remain knowledgeable about the evolving technologies and capabilities behind a well-designed digital signage platform to receive the best value from their investment. Systems should be designed and installed to provide long term, reliable service that is easy to update and provides information about how customers interact with the system. Basic aspects should include:

  • The ability to serve as a long term tool
  • Remain functional the duration of the service life
  • Show returns in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ROI

Here are the top 3 technologies moving the industry forward in 2017.

System-On-Chip (SOC) Technology

This popular trend in digital signage technology combines multiple pieces of equipment to run custom software on the screen only, resulting in an easy and clean installation and vibrant images. The System on Chip (SOC) technology, the equivalent of a computer motherboard on a single chip, gives businesses a much larger list of options to fit their individual needs.

Systom On Chip

Advantages of using SOC include:

  • Reduces points of failure
  • Real time diagnostics & system health information
  • Eliminates the need for external media players

Commercial Grade Screens

Commercial grade screens today offer businesses advanced features, such as OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens, that offer true pixel colors that are vivid and extremely vibrant, even as the viewing angle changes, making images appear richer, deeper, and more life-like.

Advantages of Using Commercial Grade Screens are:

  • New screens offer ultra slim line options & curved technology
  • Ability to create flowing, wave-like screen displays
  • Implementation of unique designs & innovative stretch screens


HD Projection

When businesses combine high definition (HD) projectors with unique projection films, they are able to convert standard window displays into large format digital screens displaying video or static graphic content. Special projection film contains properties that allow the film to be clear and translucent, instantly changing surfaces into areas that can display HD projected content.

Advantages to HD Projections:

    • Retailers can use brick-and-mortar windows to display branded content
    • Storefronts stand out from a distance and attract attention
    • Flexibility of systems allows a multitude of visual options


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