Unique sign; three weeks from start to finish!

Federal Heath’s Euless manufacturing facility recently completed a 275 square foot Holiday Inn sign, one of the largest Holiday Inn signs the manufacturing team has worked on to date. The pylon sign consists of a neon illuminated sign cabinet that measures 21’ x 14’9” and features a dual faced logo measuring 8’2” x 8’3”; essentially combining two signs in one.

This pylon sign is placed next to the right-of-way of a busy, arterial highway and towers five stories tall, allowing the sign to be conspicuous to hundreds of motorists daily. The height and the contrasting colors also help it to be easily detected, enhancing readability and providing motorists with more lead-time to recognize the business and exit the highway.

This unique sign took three weeks to complete from start to finish and was installed at its Bedford, TX location on December 11th.

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